There are only -in the countries where there are ophthalmologists that is- approximately 50 families with Wagner syndrome. In most countries there is only one. So your experience with this phenomenon is incidental.

You must like to know how your colleagues deal with this rare disease, especially when other ocular problems occur.

On this website you can find simply just that.

We are establishing contact with physicians all over the world with a Wagner population in their care. You can profit from that, and your patients with it.

And maybe you have a question, therapeutical, scientifically, what ever.

Via this website you might get an answer.

And maybe you want to start some research. In this website you can find -in a while- a lot of information about patients with Wagner disease in other countries. And to avoid any confusion: only information on Wagner, not on Stickler syndrome.

what is in it for you?

page last modified June 26th 2009

Wagner syndrome